Don Totu

Price: from 170 at night
Don Totu is a wonderful place to enjoy the simple pleasures and the spectacular beauty of Salento. E 'a treasure chest full of emotions that leave their mark. We provide our Notebook "secret" and we reveal our favorite addresses. We tell you the sea, nature, art and good food. We offer a swimming pool, a gym, a hammam, a whole library devoted to Salento.
After a careful restoration, the secret building has returned to express their personality, returning intact delicate atmosphere of elegance without excess. All conspire to transfer a serenity, a simplicity and enjoyment of life without equal. It is the place of idleness industrious par excellence. The magic of Salento around does the rest. Mauro and Chiara, the current owners, have adapted the building to the most discerning traveler. So the secret of the inner courtyard with an ancient olive tree and the cactus, the terraces for the well-deserved rest, the porch for breakfast, the spacious interiors which house a library on the Salento and a modern winery for tasting the excellent local wines , they were added other secrets absolutely above suspicion in a country house. There is a pool surrounded by greenery, a gym for the daily fitness, a delightful little hammam, a garden with aromatic herbs and fruit trees. All in terms of energy self-sufficiency, thanks to a modern photovoltaic system.

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San Cassiano, Lecce
via Crocefisso 10

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