Borgo Egnazia

Price: from 220 at night

Borgo Egnazia is a living experience of Puglia all year, he told the details of a unique architecture in the world of hospitality, by the sheer beauty of the elements, from the secular culture of the territory. Borgo Egnazia is a place where nature is powerful, quiet is deep, the harmony is perfect. Here you come to find yourself, whoever you are. You Borgo Egnazia: you can not be anywhere else. Borgo Egnazia is not a resort. It is a new idea of hospitality. Created inspiration from the beauty of the Apulian land on which it stands, Borgo Egnazia lives in a suggestive architectural setting that tells the magical land of Puglia through a contemporary and unique touch: a room in La Corte, a cottage in the village or a private villa.

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Savelletri, Brindisi

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