Borgo San Marco

Price: from 150 at night

Just fifteen years have passed since Alessandro Amati, and his wife, Virginia, opened the dancing to a great work of restoration that, while preserving the atmosphere and charm of the past, has given birth to the elegant, eco-sustainable and traditional country house where, again, the lights and colors of the surrounding countryside. Eighteen suites decorated with period furniture and great simplicity as the Apulian tradition commands. Each with a different view, each with different solar exposure, each with a play of light and shade different animating the fantasy of a story the whole country whose protagonists are the olive trees, a few hundred thousand years old and antiquated carob. And it is between a patriarch and the other, Stranger, that Alexander will lead you to the discovery of her clothes and just as Homer will tell exciting stories of all 13 thousand trees. And as in Odyssey, Alien, your trip in the Village will have more or less long-term parking, all pleasant: a swimming pool, an elegant Mediterranean garden, a citrus grove of ancient columns, a superbly frescoed eighteenth century church, a terrace where you can sip a delicious almond milk or fresh lemonade, a library-bar situated inside the mill with millstones, a traditional restaurant with the most genuine typical cuisine. Finally, the huge passion for acting Alexander, materializes in the small room where the Film actors and directors meet friends, guests of the village to tell the travelers and tourists who pass through Puglia to live great stories among olive timeless dancing between Murgia and the Mediterranean, just 2 km from the sea of ​​Savelletri. Welcome Stranger, your story in Borgo San Marco awaits you!

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Fasano, Brindisi

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