Le Capase - Resort Salento

Price: from 150 at night
Along the eastern coast of Salento, in the Regional Natural Park which stretches from Otranto to Santa Maria di Leuca, you will find "The Capase Resort Salento". The new property, the result of recovering a property disposed of the 70s, harmoniously accords with the strength of the landscape, according to local building traditions. The project, designed by the architect Carlo Chambry, referring to the elegant farms that are close, involved the use of local materials and craftsmanship of ancient and famous quality. Among these local stone, that of Soleto, Trani, the stone walls, the cement pasta floors and capase of Cutrofiano to mark the rhythm between sky and sea. The capase, typical, terracotta amphorae, are one of the most expressive symbols of the culture of Salento, that were used and are still used to store Friselle, dry roasted figs with almonds and other foods. The Capase Resort Salento, offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere in a squatted building on top of the cliff from where you can enjoy a breathtaking view over the Otranto channel. You can spend time relaxing on the terrace overlooking the sea, the perfect setting to relax, equipped with deck chairs and sofas as well as an infinity pool, surrounded by fragrant Mediterranean plants and flowers.
Welcomes guests in the morning to a rich breakfast buffet, where we prefer fresh, natural ingredients such as orange juice, fresh fruit, homemade desserts including pasticciotti sweets Lecce. We also offer a choice of cereals, meats, cheeses, yogurt, croissants, jams and compotes. The eggs are freshly prepared to order at no extra charge. At lunchtime we serve typical dishes of Salento with a focus on fresh seasonal products of our countryside.

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Santa Cesarea Terme, Lecce

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