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Puglia, also known as Apulia, stands in South Italy. It is the heel of Italy's boot, between the Adriatic and Ionian Sea. The land, rich in charm and culture is a wonderful holiday resort. Everyone arriving in Puglia finds something familiar so that he feels at home. In Puglia, you can taste delightful traditional dishes and admire picturesque cliffs falling sheer to the crystalline sea, suggestive sea grottoes, enchanting sandy bays covered by shady pinewoods, a beautiful rural lanscape surrounded by Trulli, olive groves, vineyards and whitewashed houses among alleys offering breathtaking views on the sea.

If you have never visited Puglia, in south Italy, we hope you choose it for your holidays. Puglia is an unspoilt region with the cleanest beaches in Europe and it is perfect for your holidays during the summer but also in spring. Puglia is a perfect place for a vacation of sun and sea but is also the perfect place for a holiday in motion to explore art and nature, culture and tradition. Spring is an ideal climate for those who prefer an easy holiday between Romanesque architecture and magic landscape of Itria Valley: the most important area of Trulli.

Oil, olives, vegetables and starchy foods characterize Apulian cuisine. They are accompanied by savory herbs and spices such as basil, capers and oregano, particularly tasty. Special food is Puglia pasta. Various types of pasta are served in Puglia with sauce, meat, fish or vegetables, with or without cheese. Puglia is tied to the cult of bread and its varieties such as the famous "frisedde", a cake of flour with a narrow hole, soaked in cold water and seasoned with salt, oil, pepper, tomato and onion.

If you choose Puglia for your holidays you will enjoy many sporting club. Puglia is famous not only for sea, sun and fun but also for its sporting activities. Puglia offers a wide range of water sports especially sailing and surfing also in its variants of windsurfing and kitesurfing. These activities are guided by expert teams. You can practice soccer, beach volley, horse riding, cycling, fitness, swimming, athletics, tennis and golf.

Your holidays in Puglia will be magic if you are looking for healthy, relax and wellness. The best way to stay happy during your holidays in Puglia is go to the beach, think positively and focus your mind on the beauty that will be around you. Moreover you can enjoy many thermal health spa.

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